I'm starting to write again

I haven’t written or posted anything on social media in over 4 months. The reason I stopped is because I didn’t have a clear focus on what I was writing. When 2020 started, my goal was to move from analytics into product/design. My goals were to learn about being a product manager/designer (which I did), network (sorta did), and ideally get some clients (I did not). About halfway through the year, I realized it was a little bit of a ‘grass is greener’ situation. I also felt stuck because I wasn’t making any money.

In July, I threw out the idea of starting a podcast to folks. Before I recorded any, I decided that it wasn’t a good time. I was too focused on networking and not enough on getting business. Maybe I will do a podcast at some point, but not anytime soon.

I still enjoy analytics and programming, but I needed to add something different than I was doing previously. I got some certifications in data science that have helped me a lot. I’ve also gotten motivated to get business again. My desire to work for myself is the most important thing to me, but now I’ll do it in an area where I’m more experienced. As I learn more data science, maybe I’ll be able to get some clients for that too.

As far as writing goes, I’ll be sharing my progress on twitter and linkedin. If there’s something that requires more than 280 characters, then I’ll write a post about it. I don’t know how frequently, but I hope at least once a week.