Freelance Prospecting Results 11/29 to 12/20

Freelance prospecting results 11/29 - 12/20:

315 LinkedIn messages sent
7 leads
0 sales (so far)
= 2.2% lead rate

Feels low, but this is also my first real attempt at cold business development. Some additional thoughts...


Trying to put a 2.2% lead rate in perspective, two tweets that help me keep a positive attitude. First @FurkYuce ...

Second, @joelrandyblake...

Both of these are in the SMB space, but the point is that sales don't come easily. Starting out, my sales rate will be very low ( < 1%), but hopefully that improves over time. Here's my plan going forward...

Tweaking Messaging:

I personalized messages as much as I could, but some were mundane. The last few days, I made changes to my subject lines and the first sentence of my messages. Those seemed to grab attention, so I'll continue with that and see what happens.


I'm trying to think of what micro offerings I can put together that would be valuable without having any context on people I'm reaching out to. As I have more conversations with leads, I'm hoping some common themes come up that I can focus on.


More tweeting and more writing. I need to figure out what platforms work the best. I'll also use common themes I hear in conversations as inspiration for content material.

Value Prop:

It feels counter intuitive when trying to make sales because you're more open to different things, but I need to make my offerings more concrete. I have ideas, and this thread from @jackbutcher is great advice on how to present them...

Random Thoughts:

I'm envious of creative freelancers. They can see the improvements they can make (new website, etc) and pitch to potential clients. Other than inspecting a website to see if tagging is installed, knowing what a company does for analytics is nearly impossible.

Next Update:

I'll resume prospecting the first week of January. In my next update, I'll share the changes that I make, as well as go into some of the geographical aspects of what I'm doing.