I'm a creative technologist with over 10 years experience in data analytics working with digital products. I'm naturally a logical and analytical thinker, so analytics suited me for the beginning of my career. Now I want to leverage those skills and use more of my creativity going forward. I've experimented with programming, design, writing, and little bit of research. I'm looking to bring it all together and build great things with interesting people.

I've worked with companies that are big, small, office-based, remote, public, private, and a bunch of other adjectives. I even spent a few years as a crossfit coach, which was much needed escape from only working in corporate roles up to that point. I picked up some great facilitation and leadership skills along the way, which I get to use more now.

When I was 26 - 27, I started to realize that if I didn't change anything, my life was going to be sitting at an office job collecting a paycheck for the next 50 years. That's not how I want to spend my time. Through a few different serendipitous events, I started to change how I was living. Part of that was thinking about why people go through the typical life path of K - 12 school > college > get a normal job > settle down > dog > marriage > buy a home > kids > retire > die, without ever questioning if they should do try something different, or why they live that way.

This is what kicked off my discovered love for reading. I started with a few books focused on human behavior, and if the book I was reading introduced a topic that grabbed my attention, then I'd buy another book focused on that topic. It started this branching effect where I consumed a lot about what makes us operate the way we do. Many of the things I read stuck with me and influence how I live now as well as how I see the world. Some good, some bad, mostly interesting in some way.

I was never someone who felt like they needed the best things all the time, or the latest and greatest version of a phone, but I've noticed this more and more about myself lately. When I was 26 and bought my first place, I bought all the things that a typical home would have, because I thought that's what you should do as an adult with a home. I had a TV, a new sectional couch, grill, dining room set, wall decor, etc. As time passed and I got a better sense of who I was, what made me happy, and what I wanted, I realized a lot of those items didn't matter to me. After my time traveling in 2018, this became more obvious. If I was able to live out of a suitcase and a backpack for months at a time, having the time of my life, then what was the purpose of all that other stuff?

I'm coming to the realization now that as long as I have a bed, a laptop, and a full kitchen to cook food in, I'm pretty much set. My NYC apartment now currently has a bed and some items I moved from my place, but there's no couch, and I've yet to hang anything on my wall. If it wasn't for the fact I know I'll have company here, I don't think I'd bother buying anything else or hanging things up. I tried to pack only essential stuff, and now that I'm here, I realize I still brought way too much.

For as long as I'm in NYC, I'll probably keep most of these items with me. However, If I turn to more of a nomadic lifestyle, my goal will be to live out of 1 big suitcase, and a backpack. Who knows, maybe I'll even check out a converted van. I'd be lying if I said I haven't googled it already.

I'm very fortunate I went on my trip. Traveling is something I didn't do when I was younger, Being a stubborn Red Sox fan, I was even against traveling to NYC when I was a kid because it was the home of the Yankees. That was just stupid.

The travel was good for me. I met amazing people along the way, some of whom I'm still in touch with. It opened my eyes to how people in other countries live compared to America. We have it great here, but this country definitely has its faults that are exposed more after being away for awhile. There's more polarity between the men and women in Central Europe. Personally, I like that. It's also stunning how little obesity there is in other parts of the world. That's something we make too many excuses for in the US...but I digress.

I know I'll want that feeling back of being in the unknown and being exposed to new experiences again. I have plans to get back to Central Europe, but some other places that will be getting more of my attention in the future are Argentina, Southeast Asia, Japan, and Russia.